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The Story

Gusano de Maguey

Gusano de Maguey (agave worm) is a food that dates back to the pre-Hispanic era and was known as Chinicuil.  It was considered a delicacy consumed only by Aztec emperors. Today it is still considered an exotic addition to any dish,  and is often eaten in mixiotes, tamales and salsas.

Gusanos de Maguey (Agave Worms) are only prevalent in agave seasonally …They can be found between the months of August and September. Agave worms, Chinicuil, which were highly prized by the natives are found in the leaves of the agave, agave pulque.  At birth, the gusanos feed on the leaves and juicy hearts of the agave, there they live off of pure agave until they reach maturity. After reaching adulthood, the gusano is carefully selected and extracted. The gusano is then dried, toasted and carefully ground with hand harvested Oaxacan sea salt and dried Oaxacan chilies.