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5 gram packets

All our salts now come in these little 5 gram packets, each holding enough to toast two drinks, or finesse two dishes. We figure you’ll know exactly what to do with them.

Gran Mitla Hibiscus Salt (Sal de Jamaica)

 Few understand the absolute power of a bold finishing salt. Tart, fruity, a swash of rose color. It will make you do things. Like invent cocktails, and salt dark chocolate. Pairs particularly well with mezcal, rum and vodka. Soft cheeses. Grilled salmon. Mango. Melons. Apples. Chocolate anything. Worth buying simply to make a Hibiscus Margarita.

Gran Mitla Habanero Salt (Sal de Habanero)

Get past hot and spicy. There is a smoky, crisp, contained heat that comes only from habanero chilies grown on the Yucatan peninsula. Born to mate with mezcal and tequila. Makes a soulful Michelada. An Angry Moscow Mule. Top off your next ceviche. Or, better, shake a little on anything that’s not afraid of pepper. Now you’re talking.


Is a traditional Oaxacan spice made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms and chile costeño. Ours is slightly less tradtional, made from a special combination of chilis–the secret behind our earthy rich flavor. Perfect companion for Mezcal, Tequila or a Michelada. Flavor brightening finishing salt for both Mexican and American dishes.