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Sotol Syrup - Miel de Sotol 960ml - 32oz

Innovacion Licorera

Sotol Syrup - Miel de Sotol 960ml - 32oz

The Sotolera sotol honey is extracted from the sereque (Dasylirion), a plant that gives rise to the Mexican distillate, Sotol.
Sotolera It is a natural sweetener that comes from sugars called fructans that has beneficial health properties. 
Fructans can be a beneficial part of the diet — they can be considered prebiotic, meaning they feed the good bacteria in the gut. Additionally, fructans have been linked to improvements in blood glucose, triglycerides, and the improvement of lipid metabolism and immune function.

This honey is ideal for use in mixology and gourmet cooking

Imported from Chihuahua, México